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Have we gone mad?

Have we gone mad? No, we haven’t gone mad but we went crazy.

We went crazy on digging deep in what it takes for Google to rank#1 for any website.

Me and my partner, we spent 60 days like cave men. We packed our bags and started living in the office. We spent days and nights in reading research papers, understanding mathematical models, testing and fine tuning test websites for SEO.

We implemented every myth and knowledge of SEO. It was hard in the beginning. Some of our websites were ranking well. But, that is not what we were looking for.

We wanted a guaranteed way to rank ANY website in the world. No matter what country. No matter what niche. No matter what keyword. 

We kept it going. We failed our first 53 websites. On the 58th day of testing we started packing to head back home.

We looked at the analytics for the one last time. Then we looked at each other’s faces and we started jumping. I remember my partner saying “Yes, Yes. We f**ng did it”. I said “Yes, I think we have found something”.

We decided to implement the same strategy for other websites and this time for some high competition niches. 

To our no surprise it worked for that.

We started choosing random niches.

It worked.

We started reaching out to our friends and tested it for them.

It worked.

We implemented the same strategy for our clients.


We did this to our agency website.

It f***ng worked every single time.

Now we are ready to implement the same strategy for you.

Hurry! Free spots are almost gone for July.


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