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How Sana Safinaz Used Digital Marketing to Build their Clothing Brand

How Sana Safinaz Used Digital Marketing to Build their Clothing Brand

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Wondering How Sana Safinaz Leveraged Digital Marketing to Build the Biggest Fashion Brand? We’ll show you how.

Sana Safinaz is one of the leading fashion retail brands in Pakistan.  They are in business from 30 years and growing day by day. Their retail brand started a few years ago.

Sana Safinaz was founded by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, too close friends, in Karachi, Pakistan.

Sana Safinaz digital success story starts from way back when they started out. Just like any other brand, they had to face some challenges.


Sana Safinaz focused on three main challenges:
  • How they can successfully expand out their business?
  • How they can enter into a new international market?
  • How they can leverage digital media for their brand?

Now you might be thinking, okay, they would have started an online retail brand.

Guess what?

Getting online sales was not their objective since the customer was buying most of their products offline, Sana Safinaz could not completely rely on converting visitors online.

They affect offline sales through online advertising.

The first platform Sana Safinaz leveraged was the mighty Google. Just like any pro digital marketer, they started with analyzing their traffic.

Hence, they used Google Analytics and measured from where most of the traffic is coming from. How they are interacting with their brand online.

With enough amount of digital data, Sana Safinaz was ready to take hands-on digital advertising.

Here are some of the Google tools they leveraged.

Sana Safinaz used display ad networks to create awareness about their collection launches.

Sana Safinaz used Google Search Ads and Search Engine Optimization to connect with customers who were looking for the brand directly. ( We will get into details in later section.)

Aaahh! The finest thing ever happened to online advertising is remarketing.

Sana Safinaz used Google and Facebook rematrketing to lower its customer acquisition cost.

These tactics led Sana Safinaz to stay top-of-the-mind of their customers.

With all the data from Google Analytics, Sana Safinaz found that around 25% of people who visited the website purchased online.

70% of people who visited the website, visited Sana Safinaz Store. 80% of those purchased physical product at the store.

Not only that Sana Safinaz achieved these big numbers, but Google Advertising also proved to be very cost-effective and opened up other international markets to be advertised.


So with all the efforts with Google Ads, Sana Safinaz achieved the following results:
  • +41% uplift in in-store foot traffic
  • +68% uplift in offline purchases
  • +200% increase in online traffic from international markets
Remember! Google Ads is not the only platform Sana Safinaz is using.

Facebook Ads make 56% of their Social Media Paid Campaigns. Where social media is the largest paid traffic source for Sana Safinaz.

Sana Safinaz Digital Stats

According to Similar Web, Sana Safinaz website gets 1.163M monthly visits. Which is a huge number.

93.52% out of which comes fro mobile devices. See, this is why marketers emphasize on mobile optimization.

Sana Safinaz is an omnichannel marketing brand. But, if you look closely at their channel distribution, you will find some interesting facts.

46.6% of their traffic comes from the search engine.

37.50% of their traffic comes from direct input.

11.16% of their traffic comes from social media.

2.37% email and 1.26% display ads bring in their traffic.

Search Engine is their main source of traffic. 99.61% of their traffic is organic.

This is where it gets interesting.

The top-performing keywords are their branded keywords.

Here are their top 5 keywords.
sana safinaz
sana safinaz pk
sanasafinaz pk
sana safinaz lawn 2019
These keywords tell that Sana Safinaz has built a successful brand using digital marketing.

Search Engine is just one platform they are leveraging.

A huge amount of traffic coming from Facebook and YouTube shows that they are actively spending on paid ads.

If Sana Safinaz can build a big brand using digital marketing, so can you. Schedule a FREE Consultation Session with our experts to know how. Click here to schedule your consultation.
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